Write 9 page essay on the topic On social work’s theory.
roviding services (e) with most of these services located within the context of the welfare state and (f) social work is a composite of knowledge, skill and values (Ife, 1997). This has been the traditional framework within which social work has been existing, but this is becoming “increasingly out of step with the reality of the contemporary practice context”.(Ike, 1997: 12). The hitherto existing system has produced an increase in individual worker case loads, with less levels of control over one’s work while also faced with ethical dilemmas. The disparity between the traditional role that has been ascribed to social work and the reality of actual practice has resulted in critical reviews being instituted of the existing theories that drive social work and how they can be improved. This essay will examine and critique two specific social work theories (a) crisis intervention theory and (b) feminism.