Write a 1 page essay on Communication Plan Final Proposal.
In either way, the customer will be disappointed if the bug is removed and if it will be ignored (Best Game Productions, 2015).
From the motto of the CEO “An ethical company is a thriving business”. To maintain the ethics of the company and to retain the consumer loyalty, the video game has to be released containing the bug. Eventually, the company will implant some measures to employ a technician who will work on complete removal of the threat. The stakeholders are requested to comply with the decision made by the management. Once they release the game in the planned period, the future games will be developed in a more advanced manner that bug will have no room. According to the ground rules of the company’s ethical code, it states explicitly on how to deal with the consumer and also upholding the business’s name (Best Game Productions, 2015). To instill honesty and integrity, the consumer has to know the truth about the effect that will result if they buy a product containing a

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