Write a 1 page essay on Folic acid and b12.
It is also significant in the synthesis of certain pyrimidines and purines which are important elements of the DNA (Wilton & Foureur 256).
Determining the level of folic acid in the serum of individuals can help determine ones choice of folate supplement that may be recommended for them to help improve their nutrition status and improve their medical condition (De Wals et al 34). If the level of folic acid is very low, the individuals may have a weak immune system because of the low levels of white blood cells in blood. This may also imply that the individual with lower levels of folic acid have poor nutritional statuses especially in the case of alcoholics. In this case therefore, it may be significant to increase the level of folic acid of the individuals so as to improve their medical situation. The type of folate to be used in this process will be based on the needs of the individuals, for instance if the white blood cells is very low, the individual may be required to be given folic acid rich in vitamin