Write a 1 page essay on Hilton Embraces Collaboration with Information Technology Partners.
It was also crucial to embrace collaboration with technology leaders because then, it would be possible to focus more on the company’s core competencies. It is much easier for them to do so without having to worry about things such as systems implementation, research and development practices, and also technological solutions (Webb 1).
One of the major problems associated with collaborating with five IT leaders might be their lack of cooperation. It may be hard trying to get these companies to work together and share ideas, and also work through their interdependence (Webb 3). For example. If AT&T and IBM refused to identify each other’s importance, it would be impossible for them to work together for the greater good of the company. Furthermore, it would be a major problem if the IT companies fail to adhere to the governance process that exists in the company. What this means is that, if there is a failure to follow the governance procedures that exist prior to the commencing of the contracts, there might be a loss of contract

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