Write a 1 page essay on Persuasive Paper Against Teenage Pregnancy.
For this reason, it is likely for teenagers who got themselves pregnant at a young age to face economic problems after giving birth.
Aside from the socio-economic impact on mother, teenage pregnancy could also affect the health of the mother since unprotected sexual activity increases their risk of becoming infected with sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia (Manlove, Terry-Humen and Papillo).
Almost all teenage women who become pregnant at an early age are not mentally, physically, psychologically, and financially prepared for this kind of responsibility. Because of mental and emotional stress associated with teenage pregnancy, the overall well-being of the child becomes affected. Other than having a higher tendency for premature and low birth weight (Martin, Hamilton and Sutton), children born out of wedlock are most likely to suffer from physical and emotional abuse as they grow older (Hoffman).

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