Writing Errands

Write a 1 page essay on Summary for the freedom writers movie.
There are students who are not of ethical or acceptable moral conduct and some even belong to gangs.
Initially they are not willing to share information or personal things with her. However, with time Erin figures out ways in which she can engage them. She directs them to write regular journals and in this way they start sharing some information and personal experiences with her.
“As Erin tries harder and harder to have resources provided to teach properly (which often results in her needing to pay for them herself through working second and third jobs), she seems to face greater resistance, especially from her colleagues, such as Margaret Campbell, her section head, who lives by regulations and sees such resources as a waste, and Brian Gelford, who will protect his “priviledged” position of teaching the senior honors classes at all cost. Erin also finds that her teaching job is placing a strain on her marriage to Scott Casey, a man who seems to have lost his own idealistic way in life.”

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