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Left with this dilemma, the masses opted for an authoritarian stagnation that seems so tenacious and powerful because of the domination of the terrorist elements over the scope for any revolution or an alternative arrangement.
The 1956 Suez Crisis was an important event in the Cold War era that revealed the chinks in the allied solidarity. The genesis of this crisis lied in the French and the British dominion over one of the world’s most important and lucrative sea route that is the Suez Canal that happened to pass through the Egyptian territory (Trueman, 2008). The nationalization of this canal by Nasser in 1956 immensely innervated the British and the French. The US disapproval of the British and the French invasion of Egypt greatly benefitted the USSR, who got access to the much coveted alternative sea route besides the Bosporus that was closely monitored by the allies’ intelligence. The other major gainer in this crisis was Israel who crossed over the Gaza Strip and Sinai Desert and gained access to the Straits of Tiran.