Write a 10 page essay on Stylistic analysis of poems.
One of her famous poems titled ‘Iknow why the caged bird sings’ will be analysed in this essay, analysing her expertise in the use of stylistic devices. In addition, the essay will critically evaluate the use of stylistic devices in the poem titled ‘Stopping by the woods on a snowy evening’ by Robert Frost (Angelou & Braxton, 1999). One of the outstanding features of the two poets Maya Angelou and Robert Frost is their use of simple language in poetry. However, such simplicity of language does not compromise the poems’ wealth of stylistic devices.
This is one of Maya Angelou’s poems that have earned her an esteemed reputation because of her expertise in expressing ideas. The poem bares a similar title with her autograph about the caged bird. This implies that she associated herself closely with the caged bird she refers to in the poem. Notably, Maya Angelou is an African American poet whose life depicts a close resemblance to that of the bird she describes in her poem. Born in an era of racial discrimination, Angelou was well aware of how it feels to lack freedom yet wanting it so much. Therefore, she expressed her feelings about lacking freedom through this poem. According to her poem, there are two types of birds, the free bird that has a chance of flying and reaching out for opportunities and the caged bird whose realms are limited. A close analysis of the poem reveals that the free bird represents the white race that enjoyed freedom while the caged bird represented the African Americans that suffered the misfortunes resulting from racial segregation and slavery (Bloom, 2009).