Write a 11 page essay on Essays, in English grammar facility you file by.
individuals possess inherent abilities and capacities, needed to understand the principal rules of grammar and apply them to construct meaningful sentences.
Ample evidence supports Chomskyan thesis. A profound analysis of language typology by Herman (2009) shows that all languages within and beyond the Austronesian group exhibit the same grammatical characteristics and operate the same list of grammatical conventions. These conventions reflect the ways, in which sentences in different languages are constructed (Kay & Fillmore 1999). Crain (2009) uses disjunctions to show, that children have a grammatical view of language different from that of adults, meaning that they develop their language structures, based on the a priori knowledge of grammatical rules. That the changes in language do not prevent children from acquiring and learning it is one of the principal arguments in favor of the UG thesis. However, not all scholars readily agree to this viewpoint.