Write a 12 page essay on Socical computing.
on management tool is social computing, which is the social aspect of interaction of people via computer systems and networks such as the internet, and encompasses a number of internet-based applications such as email, blogs, instant messaging, social book marking, social networking service, wikis, and polls (Dasgupta, 2010). Social computing has been identified to add value to the organization in a number of by enabling the management and development of business information assets (Tredinnick, 2006, pp. 228-234). Social computing tools such as wikis, blogs, and social networking sites offer a solution to information management related issues due to the inherent networking nature, which allows users to find, explore, and solve organizational problems. Moreover, social computing provides a platform for developing or improving on employee networks and permits participation (Ropes, 2010), which can lead to better employ performance, hence improved organizational performance. Furthermore, social computing can lead to more innovation, better staff abilities, and increase staff efficiency if competently employed as a powerful information management tool.

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