Write a 16 page essay on Impact of education on economic and social outcome of citizens.
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To be educated is indeed a wise undertaking in the world of today and it holds more ground than it used to in the times of our forefathers. There is so much to seek, learn and understand that the man seems to go missing in the quagmire. However if he is educated he makes his own way through the zig-zag pathways and thus reaches his destination on all counts.
It is a matter of fact that being educated in the current times facilitates one self in estimating what life is bringing for a person. It opens up his range of options and presents to him ideas out of the box as well. What this does is to make him do the analysis in a straight forward manner. No analysis is possible without getting to know the facts first of all. If a person is educated and understands the norms that are taking place within his life or generally, he will get to know what the strengths of the same undertakings are and how it would affect his own live as well as the ones whom he loves and takes care of. He gets to inquire the weaknesses present with the knowledge that he has obtained over a period of time and thus weighs them in light of the strong points that were previously ascertained by him in due course of time. In the world of present times, being educated means that a person is talked of in a high and esteemed manner. He is given respect by one and all since he can understand the difference between the good, the bad and the ugly. He can sense problems where the illiterates could think merry. He can make out for the troubles that lie ahead in different situations through his sheer ability of forecasting and visualization. He can look at the missing links better than an average man. He can understand his own psyche, individual basis and the manner under which he exists within the tenets of the society. He knows who he is and what is expected of him. He can create links with each other on the basis of his literate self and his education speaks for his own self in terms of his dressing, the way he meets strangers and new people, the way he eats and dines, the manner in which he greets people and so on and so forth. The differences seem to become apparent more often than not and this is something that is apparent within a person who is educated and who knows how to comprehend difficult circumstances with eloquent measures. More than anything else, it is his resolve that remains firm at the best of times and he remains committed to his world of ethics and morals since this is a very quintessential step in the wake of his different undertakings, measures and behaviors in the world that he lives in.