Write a 2 page essay on 2: GE Healthcare (B): A CSR Dilemma.
Introducing low performance equipment just because it is in the developing area is thus the first ethical mayhem the group had to contend with. To deal with this concern, the GE has to ensure that the cited laptop based platforms ensures that the performance of this low cost equipment is suitably enhanced, to levels agreeable both in their mainstream markets and in the developing world alike.
Secondly, the company was forced to consider the fact that their low cost and easily available ultrasound equipment had significantly led to the untold ‘missing girls’ situation in which pre-determination of the fetus’ sex using GE’s cheap ultrasound device would in some cultures, that preferred male children over females, result in the abortion of female fetuses (Singh, 2011). The GE was therefore accused of promoting this unpalatable trend by cheaply availing fetal sex determination techniques. To counter such stereotypes, GE must do well in the management of their distribution, sales and marketing in such regions so that their devices do not fall into the wrong hands, and to make it known that the GE does not condone the use of its products to facilitate termination of fetuses of ‘unwanted sex’.