Write a 2 page essay on Ask an old person about his or her life ( ).
The purpose of this interview is to compare the life in past and present and to make predictions about the future life.
In response to my question about his family, friends, education, career, travel, religion, leisure activities etc my grandfather replied that he was the youngest member of a large family of 10 people. He told me that all the ten members of his family, including his parents and grandparents were staying together in a single home until he and his brothers and sisters get married. After the marriage, each of his brothers and sisters started to construct homes of their own and separated from his home. However, in most of the special occasions all the family members assembled together in his family and shared their love and affection. He told me that he stopped his education after the completion of his secondary school studies in order to concentrate more on farming. In his opinion, the strength of friendship in the past was more than that at present. He had many friends who were ready to sacrifice their lives for him. Whenever, a problem occurs to a friend, he and his friends attacked the problem in a combined fashion and nobody stayed away from it. My grandfather told me that he and his friends travelled distant places with the help of bicycles and such journeys increased their physical strength and stamina. Unlike current generation who spend majority of the time in front of computers, my grandfather and company spent their leisure time by playing baseball, football, volleyball etc. My grandfather is a strong believer in religion and he told me that the religious norms were observed strictly in the past that it is observed at present.

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