Write a 2 page essay on Child protection and welfare frameworks.
The well-being of the child is not only his positive emotions, but the feeling of comfort as a whole, a sense of security and trust in the world. This state is formed in the place the child appears for the first time, thanks to his mother as well as his family and closest surrounding. The basis of the emotional well-being is already set when the baby is in the mothers tummy, so the expectant mother has an important role in the creation of the welfare of the child. The welfare is a necessary state of any child, which influences his future life and predetermines the successful achievement of the objectives, the lack of external threats and physical discomfort as well as comfortable condition in the presence of other people and interacting with them. Unfortunately nowadays not all the families can provide a child with the good conditions and appropriate state of living. “As every experienced parent knows, accidents and minor mishaps can happen, especially during a child’s early years, no matter how careful and watchful a parent may be” (Accas, G., 1968, 1). Nevertheless, there are certain boundaries in relationships, in terms of the welfare of children, which, though relatively far from ideal, to a greater or lesser extent, maintain normal living environment and quality of the life of a child. Birth of a child in a family where the mother and father do not live together or in a family where both parents despite their living together, have poor relationships, can lead to disputes and disagreements on the rights of custody of the child. This may raise concerns about the adequacy of the motives of other parties, as well as the man himself meets the criteria of the concept of “good enough parent”. The cases of children’s abuse and family violence became to occur quite often. “Social workers in particular expressed a sense of “chaos” around some of their work, due to what they perceived as pressure on