Write a 2 page essay on Disseminating Evidence.
The strategies that will be used to disseminate this evidence include reports, workshops, emails, newsletters, workshops, websites, conferences, and press release (Gerrish, & Lacey, 2006).
Each of the methods of disseminating evidence is suitable to a certain group of stakeholders. For example, conferences, websites, and press releases are the best strategies of informing the community about the results of the project (Holland, & Rees, 2010). This is because these methods are affordable to the members of the society. The youth and those who are conversant with the internet will get information from the website of the organization while those who have televisions and radios will watch the press release statement on these media. The project managers will also organize workshops that will aim at informing the community about the results of the plan. These workshops will encourage the members of the society to take corrective measures to protect themselves against the obesity stigma (Krisberg, 2014).