Write a 2 page essay on English Language Mastery.
The out of class essays significantly helped me identify my strengths and weaknesses in the mastery of English language. When I was writing the two essays, I realized I could use some of the vocabularies that I had learnt in the course of my study. As featured in the essay on Inequality in America, I was able to use clearly and precisely words such as ‘perpetuate’, ‘rudimentary’ and ‘adamant’ among others. Such words, I did not have a slight idea of what they entailed. The same translates to the essay on The Effectiveness of Education in our Society. In addition, there was a clear mastery of sentence structuring. Initially, my sentences used to be lengthy and I used to receive comments that they were ‘ambiguous’. The use of speech marks has also been widely entrenched in my writings. I used to find it difficult to quote phrases from other sources and whenever I tried, there lacked coherence with the rest of my work. Through the essays, I was also able to perfect the art of writing an essay. this involves the arrangement of work into introduction, body and the conclusion. In addition, every beginning sentence of every paragraph had to carry a meaning that is explained in the rest of the paragraph.The in-class essay formed the foundation of my writing. These helped shape my skills such that the out of class assignments became easy to approach. There were myriad of challenges that I encountered through these assignments. Firstly, tenses were proving somehow challenging to master.