Write a 2 page essay on Gender Role Devolpment.
Confidence and struggling for the best also appear to be highly common traits associated with American women. They like to try new things and travelling for the purpose of utilizing exciting opportunities does not appear to be a big deal for them. Also, American women seem to be excessively attached with their pets in emotional terms and heavily adore their pets, many times even more than human beings. I do not think that presently, men are dominant at any level while women are inferior or less powerful in USA. Though gender-based oppression is still active at some levels, but it is a reality that male chauvinism has largely become an issue of the past. Women are actually appreciated to come forward and play active roles in the society at every level if they have will, talent, and strong determination. Many influential tycoons in the fields of media, politics, education, banking, and business happen to be women presently. Oprah Winfrey, Condoleeza Rice, Hillary Clinton, Serena Williams are just a few examples of American women who have played very good societal roles. Saying that American women are not dominant or prominent at important societal levels, is empty mockery.