Write a 2 page essay on Hypothetical Case of Counseling Termination.
Termination stage can also occur when a counselor realizes that a given counseling process does not benefit or causes more harm than relief to a given client. Depending on the situation and objectives of a given counseling process, termination stage is usually important and deserves professional and sensitive attendance (Hinrichsen & Clougherty, 2006).
Miriam White, aged 26 years and a continuing college student pursuing the degree in Mechanical Engineering stayed with a boyfriend for two years. When in the relationship, Miriam endured mistreatment and abuse from the boyfriend. According to Miriam, the boyfriend began assaulting her physically just after two weeks of moving in to begin cohabitation. Miriam loved the boyfriend and was unease to move out of the relationship. Her persistence exposed her to repeated abuse and assault to an extent of compromising her academic performance. Two months before admission into counseling, the abuses that Miriam’s boyfriend practiced against led her to lose a pregnancy that had survived for six months. The bitter abusive experiences coupled with the miscarriage drove Miriam into a serious trauma that saw her inconsistently attend school. Upon realizing that Miriam’s condition was abnormal, the college’s administration through the head of mechanical engineering department sought for admission of Miriam to counseling that lasted for eight months and with positive results and changes.