Write a 2 page essay on Marilynne Robinsons Housekeeping.
The plot fringe is tied to the rail of bridges which goes over the lake, the dark and damp woods which surround the town, and the ties to the lake (Robinson 98).
The narrator is tall and gangly. She is out of place in the town. She is secretive as she has no friend. She observes keenly what goes around and she does not easily interact and engage. Lucille, her younger sister has a sense of direction and is grounded as compared to Ruthie. Lucille makes decisions and delivers orders. They have been forced to live with their doddering aunts and grandmother. They also live with Sylivie, their actual aunt who is kind and recluse. Lucille realizes that she is leading a different life as compared to other people thus moves to stay with a teacher (Emerson). On the other hand, Sylvie and Ruthie stay on in the strange house.