Write a 2 page essay on Married couples in double portraits.
The themes of Portraiture and narrative painting are evident in both pieces. For example, in Rembrandt self- portrait with Saskia, the painting seeks to explain his life and family. After Rembrandt’s marriage with Saskia, there were various challenges between them (Sonnabend 72). This is because their children died immediately after birth, except one child who orphaned at 7 months of age due to Saskia’s struggle with tuberculosis. Rembrandt’s painting uses Saskia as a tool of fantasy portrait because she takes part in an imaginative role (Sonnabend 74). The image is, thus, a narration of his life and his wife.
Peter Paul Rubens self- portrait with Isabella is another image having similar feature like Rembrandt’s portrait. The painting shows the life of the painter with his wife Isabella. The painting is a narration of the life story of Peter Rubens and his wife. He uses his wife to portray his emotions. The portrait is of German origin, Germany being the painter’s place of birth. The similarity between the paintings is evident where the theme of portraiture is in use (Rubens et al. 94). The Still Life with Figures by Frans Snyders reflects the life of the couple and associations of the male and female. The painting includes animal figures unlike in the latter cases where there were a female and male. The theme of portraiture is also evident in the painting (Sonnabend 69). The presence of live animals in the painting creates a feeling of animation. The painting represents still life figures with an inclusion of additional features such as animals. It contains daily life scenes of genre painting.