Write a 2 page essay on Northrop Grumman U1.
Therefore, I selected Northrop Grumman for review because it deals with a wide range of businesses related to defense sector. I hope to learn about different types of undersea, outer space, and cyber space products and services that this company offers to its customers. Moreover, I will enhance my knowledge about the threats and opportunities that the business of defense security might have.
Northrop Grumman was founded in 1994 when Northrop Aircraft Company merged with the Grumman Aerospace Company. The merger of the companies proved successful for both companies as they turned out to be the fourth major defense services providing company of the world in 2010. The reason behind that success were the wide range of defense related products and services that it started providing to the customers by acquiring key defense technologies and companies, such as, Westinghouse Electronic Systems, Logicon, Teledyne Ryan, Litton Industries, TRW, and Newport News Shipbuilding.