Write a 2 page essay on Process laboratories.
According to Humphrey (2008), the distillation process consumes much energy that may be very costly. There is, therefore, need to understand the types of columns that should be put in place as well as the factors that affect the distillation column operation. The equilibrium of the vapor that is in liquid form should also be determined to ensure that no vapor escapes from these chambers. Classification of distillation columns mainly depends on the composition of the mixture, the temperatures involved and the flow of the vapor in each chamber. These are the main variables that are used to describe the types of columns used during the distillation.
During this process, the fractions of the mixtures are removed through boiling and condensation. These distillation columns are fed with these mixtures in a different manner and the sources used also differ. For instance if the feed is from a source at a pressure higher than the distillation column pressure, it is only piped into the column. Otherwise, the feed is pumped or compressed into the column. The feed may be a superheated vapor, a saturated vapor or liquid and in a case where the feed is a liquid at a much higher pressure than the column pressure, the valves will inflate and undergo a partial vaporization resulting in a liquid-vapor mixture as it enters the distillation column (Humphrey, 2008).