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of interest in analyzing and strategizing on how to minimize the future occurrence of the occupational assaults and the impacts it has on the nursing staff. I was very keen on the previous findings in this study. In this article, the main aim was to add the prevalent data to the established literature and review other relevant articles in this field.
The article is outstanding as it explores the issues that are related to the occupational health and the safety for the mental health nurses which is regarded as the occupational violence. In this appraisal study, research was carried out due to the recognition of the international nursing council about the increased violence in nursing. This was also supported by various studies in industries in Australia about the violence in the nursing industry that occurred on a weekly basis. From the report, the problem has become international as it affects all the nurses in the world. Furthermore, the study reveals that that violence in nursing is affected by several factors and other environmental factors. Thus, the study centered on demographics in the prevalence in relation to age, workplace, and gender as far as occupational violence is concerned. The article also centers on the perception of the staff in the management of occupational violence.