Write a 2 page essay on September 11, 2001 and the Global War on Terror.
Further, the fruits of war are important for the businesses which profit from it at the cost of human lives which are wasted because of it.
The evidence for this comes in the shape of reports, the government’s official statements and the historical record of the time which shows that Americans had been given a different story from what the ground realities actually were. It certainly makes a person wonder that even though the government tells us that we are winning the war on terror and that everything is fine with the world today, it may not be so in reality. What we know to be true may not necessarily be the facts of the matter and we could still be led astray by what the government and the media would have us believe. For example, even from the historical data that we have, we have always been told that America stands for democracy and that it stands for the freedom of all people. However, when it comes to imperialism and global domination through the use of military power, the sheer number of American army bases around the world paints a completely different picture. America does not appear to express the same ideals in deed which it supports in the shape of words.