Write a 3 page essay on Action since.
His involvement reflected his keen interest in the company and with his work. He also wanted a safe working environment for his co-workers which show his interest in safeguarding the security rights for his employee workers. Soon, he realized that the safety plan occurs only on papers as he never saw the plan being implemented in a thorough manner. This made Gordon realized that he is just a low level employee.
It has been evidently clear that the company is a growth-oriented company which has proven its image as a productive and as a most profitable one. For the company, other issues were not as important as they should be until they start hindering the profits or the provoked legal consequences. There was no authentic and working employee security memo which showed the lack of interest from company’s behalf for its employees. Gil, the VP of engineering has also played a key role in this case study. He can be referred as a dictatorial manager. He is very committed towards fulfilling his goals. Gil was known for his compassion, dedication and utmost involvement with his work. He is also known for reducing the 40 percent of the employees from the company’s new plant established in Arizona. He knows no emotions and feelings while working. in fact, he prefers the work in first place. The key differences in the personalities of Gil and Gordon and the organizational setup of the company were the root-cause of the problem that emerged on the surface.