Write a 3 page essay on Argument with research.
According to Katz and Green, for decades business owners had always thought that the greatest challenge that was facing their business was the insufficiency of financing to start their businesses when in fact it is not (2009). it is this product or service that would satisfy a certain demand or a product or service that can create demand. I can cite several example of entrepreneurs who started with almost no capital and are now successful and very rich. Foremost, is the example of Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak who started the now very famous Apple in a garage. Both of them had no money then that they have to create their first computer in the garage of Steve Jobs’ parents . The computer was great and from then on capital just followed enabling the company to create revolutionary products such as iPhone, iPad, iTouch and iPad. This only shows that a very good business idea can create capital by itself. Another example is the famous search engine Google. Google just started in a dorm room way back in college. Back then, it was still called as “BackRub” in 1996 and its founder was just a college student just like me, without capital to start a business.

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