Write a 3 page essay on Business Globalization in China.
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To be able to create a comprehensive business report, we need to evaluate the background of business dynamics by keeping in mind the social fabric.
Accumulating all necessary data regarding China’s business prospects will require careful study of the government’s past and present policy. We need to assess China’s history to completely comprehend the progress and development of the Chinese economy. China offers a lot of compelling reasons that make it an attractive business destination and hence it is imperative that business entities have local knowledge about China and the different cultural, economic and business idiosyncrasies. To get a first-hand experience about the local business dynamics, we will administer a comprehensive interview with local entrepreneurs to get the essence of China’s business environment. Additionally, we want to interview both successful and unsuccessful local and international entrepreneurs who have done businesses in China so as to get unbiased views. In addition to qualitative analysis of Chinese business customs, this report will have a quantitative analysis that will have statistical data and information that support our hypothesis. Surveys will also be carried out to create graphic and numerical representations with regards to the economic condition and the market system of China.