Write a 3 page essay on Managing change implementation for B&B.
There are competitive advantages that benchmarking provides, alongside setting a company on a path to growth and industry success. To initiate a change that would enable Kynance House to provide meaningful competition to industry giants like Imperial Plymouth Guesthouse, benchmarking will involve looking into the aspects of the business in which the latter excels.
Imperial Plymouth Guesthouse is first of all situated in a strategic place just outside the city centre, and also near tourist attractions. Business location is important and determines performance in many cases, but that shouldn’t worry Kynance House much to the point of wanting to relocate to a different location. It would be one of the costliest moves. What Kynance needs to do is to observe Imperial guesthouse in terms of how it carries out business and its prioritized investments. It really wouldn’t be necessary to adopt every single practice observed at Imperial Plymouth Guesthouse. The greatest benefit that Kynance House should derive from benchmarking with Imperial Plymouth Guesthouse is to learn the art of the business. It gives a picture of how to best conduct the business. Kynance should then decide if it wants to better those practices or pursue them as they are.

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