Write a 3 page essay on Neuronal Viral Infections : Rabies and Herpes Simplex.
Myelin sheath is generally formed by Schwann cells when it comes to peripheral nerves and oligodendrites in central nerves. Between two neurons, there is often a synapse (point of communication). Synapses often result between presynaptic axon neuron and a cell body of other neuron or dendrite. At presynaptic junction, there are often a lot of synaptic chemicals which often contain neurotransmitter chemicals. Between two neurons, a space exists called synaptic cleft (Alan & William 63).
Rabies is commonly transmitted via bites from a rabid animal. In rare cases, there have been cases of people getting rabies through contact with saliva that is infected with open wounds or mucous membrane (Alan & William 10). Other people have got it through transplants and through infected bat caves via aerosol route.