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Guidance and Counseling plays an important role in an educational institution. “It is a concept that institutions, especially schools, should promote the efficient and happy lives of individuals by helping them adjust to social realities.” (Columbia Encyclopedia)
During the internship in an educational institution under the Guidance and Counseling, I was tasked to assist the counselors and staffs of the said department. I was exposed to testing and Psychometrics including its administration and interpretation, counseling sessions and seminar programs that is in response to the collective difficulties of the students. The best activity that I have observed and experienced is to assist in a seminar program organized by the department. The program aimed to help students in coping with stress that they encounter in school, with emphasis on how to react and deal with bullies in school. As part of the program organizer, the first step that we have considered before holding the event is to assess the current needs of the students through a survey done to every student. It was embedded to the counseling sessions wherein the students were asked some personal questions related to the problems that they encounter in school, family and other matters. From the survey, the collective experiences and problems encountered by most students is stress related to bullying. After identifying the top most problems, the guidance counselors have designed a program to help address the common problems of students through information dissemination and seminars. Indeed, the program was very helpful to students and I believe that one way of solving a dilemma is through knowing and learning how to solve it.