Write a 4 page essay on Drug policies need to approach legalization.
should be legal or not is not consistent in nature. rather it is filled with myriad opinions and major ones concerning the darker aspects that makes it more contentious and convoluted particularly when it concerns such issues as which are the drugs to be legalized and those that should be kept under hood. These opinions or perceptions about legalization of drugs are divisive whether it comes from the young generation or the President of a country. Thus, it would not be entirely fair to state that drugs such as marijuana can be made legal and there should be prohibition on the usage of substances such as heroin and cocaine. This is primarily because there are no laws to exercise control over the amount of drugs that can be used which may lead to further complications (Goldstein 8-9). As far as legalization of drugs are concerned, it can be clarified beyond doubt that it is wrong although there would be a larger brigade of people who may suggest that not legalizing it leads to similar consequences or even abuse. If the philosophical elements are taken into account, the first point that can be raised is that using dugs is not bad as long as it is not creating harm to others. The argument, which is primary in this context, is that the freedom of using drugs is in no way related to addiction as it can be any other prohibitive substance as well or even food in particular. The idea, which is emphasized here, is that of John Stuart Mill who has stated “over himself, over his body and mind, the individual is sovereign” (White 280-81). On the other hand, the opponents would disagree over the fact that consuming a substance deliberately which is harmful cannot be substantiated with any arguments in favor of its usage and the same applies to drugs.