Write a 4 page essay on Exploration Of Organizational Memory.
The auditing procedures were universally recognized thus rendering the list to be scientifically acceptable. The memory carriers where then revised and incorporated into a more updated quality standard practice to enhance in-company quality competition.
The whole research team worked together with the company management and two research members who actually conducted interviews with twenty-eight employees to establish changes in organizational memory which were measured in two stages.
A proposal of a longitudinal study using an independent group and complex design experiment to conduct a single case design is used for the Dutch electronics firm using data analysis and interpretation that is both quantitative, and qualitative (Van Der Bent et. al.). Determination of whether organizational learning took place at this company was methodized as follows: (a) a qualitative report of a couple of change strategies were identified and analyzed in order to observe changes. (b) a quantitative across-the-board access was secured allowing observation and effective documentation of cases. (c) specific memory carriers or vehicles are listed to create procedures which are measured to detect and develop variations. (d) a measuring tool is devised to establish different forms of learning, unlearning, and non-learning. The first stage (1982-1986) was composed of an in-depth case study where one research member was a participant observer from the beginning to completion of the quality change process. The second stage revisited the original 1980s change process and lasted another two years for a total of eight years of research. The last two years involved qualitative research in which members of the organization were questioned about their learning and memory related to change. The measures of change where accomplished using tools that measured periods of time-related to the rules, culture, system, and structure of the organization.