Write a 4 page essay on Operative Management.
Rigsby and Guy Greco, 2003) Sam Walton, the founder of Wal- Mart had a clear vision to establish Wal- Mart as the best retail store in the industry. The mission of Wal Mart was simple, easy to explain to those responsible for its achievement, and straightforward that left nothing to the imagination. The goal of the Sam was not the biggest retailer but the best retailer in the industry.
Wal- Mart was equipped with certain basic values to attain its straightforward mission. These values are the ability to merchandise, creating innovative retailing ideas, best store operations, cost control, technologies, customer services, distribution, and establishing a culture as a retailer. The reason for such a phenomenal success as the best retailer in the word is to pursue the business with these pre-established values. Wal- Mart translated these values into its retail practices and achieved the best results.