Write a 4 page essay on Participatory Evolution: From Human to PostHuman.
“Evolution is an open-ended system with a tight link between information and action”.[1] Our appearance here is not a sudden reaction, instead it is a series of innumerable gradual changes taking place in us since the time man was available in the form of an ape. These changes have gradually occurred when man was faced with threats. The biggest threat however, comes when a man becomes enemy of other man. Hatred takes birth and competitiveness is just another factor.
Man is a social animal right from his conception. and mankind today needs to understand and assimilate the idea that our future is collectively dependent upon our thoughts and actions. It is much of our responsibility to consciously participate in shaping further generations and shaping mother earth. This can be achieved by becoming aware of our role in this never-ending evolutionary process. Such responsible involvement in development is known as participatory evolution. It is urges us to take responsibility of our actions and contribute constructively in the evolution process.