Write a 4 page essay on Should the United States Return to a Gold Standard.
A gold standard system would make it more difficult for the government and Federal Reserve to implement monetary policies. A gold standard system prevents the government firm minting currency notes and coins that can it can endorse. This means that when there is increased demand for cash, the government cannot supply. As a result, the economy goes through reduced growth and more inflation as the value of paper money skyrockets.A gold standard system means the United States is neglecting its ongoing soaring currency rates and distribution problems instead of offering a solution. In a period of economic turmoil, the government and its people should not focus on future likelihoods of forex and currency techniques. Instead, Americans ought to use every tool in the economic and academic arsenal to solve high jobless rates, the piling national debt, nonrenewable sources of energy, and corresponding environmental crises.A gold standard means the government lacks influence over the economy. The government currently prints paper money and mints coins, which is good for an era of intermittent economic crises. This role shows the government can make an effort towards restoring an economy and actually stimulate it. These efforts are reactionary activities that can reinstate the value of the dollar during an economic depression. In a gold standard, the government cannot restore the economy. This means that when a gold standard economy is in a meltdown, the government cannot make any decisions towards improving this economy.