Write a 44 page essay on Compare and Contrast the Operating and Financial Review in UK and Delaware US.
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As the discussion declares the United Kingdom’s version of the operating and financial review3 was made into a statute by a working steering committee and the Accounting Standards Board of the United Kingdom. The immediate and strict implementation of this United Kingdom operating and financial review was ordered by the head of the Department of Trade and Industry.
According to the research findings more than sixty five percent of the respondent managers of the two hundred companies that traded stocks in the United Kingdom stock exchanges agreed that there should be an operating and financial review report. Their main reasons is that the stockholders will really need the operating and financial review report to determine if they will have to invest more money in the corporation or to withdraw their hard earned cash and invest in another more lucrative business. After approval by the United Kingdom Accounting Standards Board of the operating and financial review in 2004, businesses in the United Kingdom discontinued the use of the 1993 Delaware (USA) version operating and financial review. One major reason Accounting was born was because there had to be created a common language of business. Accounting is defined as the language of business. Accountants from the many countries like the United States, United Kingdom, and Asian countries get together to form an international accounting board. This international accounting board gives out pronouncement or rules that its member countries are required to follow. The main purposes for the establishment of such accounting pronouncements are consistency and comparability. Consistency and comparability covers financial statements between two years or between two companies having the same business types.