Write a 5 page essay on Abortion In The United States.
Statistics suggest that 50 percent of all women opting for abortion, in the United States, fall in the age group of below twenty-five years of age and 66 percent of all abortions are performed on women who have been never-married. Women under the age of twenty-five or even younger are far less likely to have sufficient means to sustain themselves much less, have the resources to look after their yet unborn child. Giving birth further increases the burden on the mother to provide for the child and in the absence of adequate financial and social means, the life and well-being of both – the mother and the child could be threatened thus causing more harm than good in the long run. The debate on abortion is subject to a range of philosophical as well as constitutional deficiencies, which often threaten to push the subject into a potential gray market of even more complex choices. The advocates of equal rights for both the genders suggest that equal rights include the right to choose and make decisions concerning their own health and safety, which in case of women includes abortion. Graber suggests that preventing women from making such choices that may directly affect their well-being amounts to preventing them access to basic civil rights. It is similar to preventing a section of society from accessing education, or a certain type of food of their choice. For some, relinquishing the food of their choice may be an easier alternative than having to debate over choices that directly affect their own health.