Write a 5 page essay on Management in Civil Engineering.
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In this paper, an evaluation of two major studies with regards the connection of management in the field of Civil Engineering shall be discussed and presented so as to pick the right resources needed for furthering studies with regards the same topic. One of the studies to be cued is that of the research and understanding performed by Oakland and Albridge (1995) reported in the International Journal of Quality and Reality Management entitled “Quality management in civil and structural engineering consulting”. This study is noted as a major writing that has been proposed and completed by the authors to pursue an understanding on the importance of quality management upon the projects accepted by civil engineers and how this process affects the reputation of the said professionals who are aiming not to simply please their clients but to do the best they could for the human society. The other study to be cued is that of the one written by Hinkelmann (2004) entitled KM-SISO: An approach for knowledge management in civil engineering, which is an obvious description of the major procedure on gaining the right knowledge on how engineering projects should be managed.

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