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These six promotional mix factors sometimes run independently yet concurrently, which is fine if that is the intention. In an ideal promotion marketing scenario, all six factors would operate together. Thus, critics admit that traditional ways to promote do not always work: innovation is needed. Consumers and people in general have never been able to discuss their own motivations, because they do not understand them. Nor do they think about them, which is why this part of the mind is referred to as the unconscious. But although consumers do not think about their motives, they do experience them and they do act on them. Advertisers, salespersons, and marketers need to understand motivation to be effective. They especially need to understand the motivation that relates to their (Brock et al 76). In this case, communications uses messages to change both behavior and attitudes, and messages are made up of symbols. Direct marketing is often considered the popular promotional tools aimed to inform consumers about a product, its benefits and uniqueness. For instance, direct marketing through catalog mailings has long been a workhorse marketing method for department stores such as Montgomery Ward, Spiegel, and Sears. It was a good way to tap into the rural market. these people wanted goods but seldom made it to a city to shop at the big stores. With the advent of two cars in every garage, a general and steady rise in population, and migration to suburbia, many believed direct mail was dead. But we consumers and the postal service know differently (Brock et al 28).

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