Write a 6 page essay on What are the principal institutions of the European Union To what extent do these institutions engage with the sources of EU law.
This therefore means that the laws were formed for social and political reasons.
There are three laws that originate from the EU laws. These are treaties, regulations, recommendations and directives. Regulations are directly applicable to all the member states as from the date it is implemented without any action from the member states. A directive is applicable to all the member states of the EU, but the national authorities have the right to choose the form or method. Decisions on the other hand are only binding to the states to which it is designated. Any regulations and directives addressed to particular member states must be published in the Official Journal of the Communities. Some of these laws apply to some of the Member States while others do not. Some of the European Union laws are binding while others are not (Fairhurst, 2009, 72).