Write a 7 page essay on Consumer law coursework.
e time and make claims under the Sale of Goods Act based on various possible ways to resolve the issues based on the circumstances and on what they want to be done as provided for in the implied terms section 12 of Sales of Goods Act. According to the case, Bowes v Richardson & Son Ltd, the buyer was held by the Courts entitled to reject a new car seven months after delivery based on various car problems some occurring immediately after delivery and others months later. The Court held that the buyer had never had the opportunity to fully assess the repairs made on the car as so could never be held to have accepted the goods. Such case law authority is a precedent for Peter’s iTablet and Patrick’s TV cases. They both have their rights against the retailer and not the manufacturer and hence a claim is valid to make against Trusted Electricals and Aptab R Us. On the hand, Peter can make a claim on goods sold on hire purchase not through Sales of Goods Act but via the Supply of Goods Implied Terms Act 1973 that makes the Hire Purchase Company responsible for the quality of the goods supplied and offers him slightly different rights. Patrick is also protected under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 to decide on the best way possible to end his agreement in his cases against Barcpeds.