Write a 7 page essay on Improving Alcoholic Behavior.
This research will begin with the statement that the issue as to whether alcoholic behavior needs to be improved is a matter of debate entangled in morality. According to Peter Miller, the author of “Biological Research on Addiction,” says those people who have lived or are living with active alcoholics find that they have been extremely affected by this social problem. One side of the debate asserts that the impediments to relieving frustration and pressure that alcoholics experience can be caused by their own choices and actions such as living in complete denial and fear, having an unexpected expectation, covering up the problem and living in the past. Another side of the debate asserts that it is worth making the hard choices so as to improve the alcoholic behavior since it has a huge impact on the moral fiber and socialization process in every society. With each side of the debate in mind, the compromise is that by adjusting our approach and our attitude toward the alcoholics (through accepting the hard lines taken by friends and families as an attempt to improve the alcoholic behavior) alcoholism will no longer dominate our thoughts and lives. Several factors are at the forefront and impede the desire to improve alcoholic behaviors. Victims of alcoholism often experience different levels of unwillingness and denial to change their destiny. The impediments manifest themselves in the following ways: Complete Denial – Miller says if we are in complete denial of our alcoholic behavior, then there is less we can do apart from focusing on our own actions and behaviors. At times, friends and family members are not doing the best in this case by communicating their boundaries with the alcoholics and let them know that they would not be bailed out of any jams. Though formal intervention is improbable to give an immediate change, it may be the start of let the victims of alcoholic addiction know how much every person cares for them. Fear of losing drinking friends – This has always been something which holds alcoholics back when so close to initiating a life-changing decision. Though several factors bond alcoholics together, drinking is, and we must admit, the cornerstone of their friendship and let it go will simply mean they let the friendship fade off. This is always the dilemma and it at times causes them to drink more just to evade the thought of it.

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