Write a 7 page essay on The Politics of Pacific Northwest.
They include artifacts. collect art and primary sources so that the young generations can pass the traditions as recommended. The collections which are more than 68,000 objects from fine art and material culture from the America, Europe, and Asia are preserved to make sure that the young generation will have a chance to see and follow the traditions. Regional history includes the exploration, settlement, economic among others that the individual are required to follow.
Many regions have relative liberal abortion laws, gender equality laws. others encourage the use of marijuana and other rights concerning the individuals. British Columbia has legal law that allows for gay marriage which was passed in 2003 while for Washington was legalized in 2001, the Oregon allows for same sex marriage this is because the urban size and voting impact has a lead and this make it easier for the passing of laws without any problem (Dublin 36). The region has a long history of political radicalism which means that general strike would be engaged thus combination of communes and socialist and thus an influence in the region. Every human being has right to life and that’s why the government has been fighting with terrorists.

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