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In a profound research on screen history, one cannot ignore the importance of the genre called the Western and it is a fiction genre which has grown to represent the culture of western society. The westerns were the most common genre in Hollywood one time and between the 1930s and the mid-1960s it was the most dominant Hollywood film or an archetypical genre. “To say a film is a western is immediately to say that it shares some indefinable ‘X’ with other films we call westerns. In addition, it provides us with a body of films to which our film can be usefully compared…” (Grant 2003. P. 3). Arguably, it was the most significant American story form of the twentieth century, though the case is greatly changed today and it has become unlikely to find a western now. Thus, the influence, themes, and myths central to the classic Hollywood western, along with these movies, have disappeared, though the imprints of the genre can still be seen in the modern box-office success stories. Therefore, an analysis of the western genre has great significance today. “Western themes and myths are still alive and well, but they have migrated to other genres, most notably, science fiction and action movies A look at the western today is not a revisiting of a dying genre, but an examination of a type of film whose shadow still falls across the theatre screens of North America.” (The History of Film). This paper focuses on a comparative analysis of two modern western genre films in order to comprehend the significant elements and the history of the genre.

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