Write a 9 page essay on War trauma and masculinity.
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These two changes are extremely ambivalent and are determined by the personal qualities and conditions the person faces.
First of all, in order to understand masculinity as a phenomenon, it is important to study its definition. Maculinity is a specific gender identification, related to stress, independence and self-management. “Like femininity, masculinity operates politically at different levels. At one level, it is a form of identity, a means of self-understanding that structures personal attitudes and behaviours” (Leach, 1994,p.36). Another level is associated with seeing masculinity as a form of ideology, in which “it presents a set of cultural ideals that define appropriate roles, values and expectations for and of men” (ibid, p.36). It is important to note that masculinity is not ‘natural’, as it can be developed (or, conversely, destroyed) throughout the life course as a response to certain social expectations. It can be viewed as cultural interpretation of maleness, developed and maintained by participating social relationships. The sociocultural nature of masculinity is shaped by values, believes, and, naturally, requirements, dictated by the epoch. For instance, Spiegelman and Hemingway’s time is characterized by the belief that man is a breadwinner, problem-solver, or more specifically, autonomous, strong and independent person, who is capable of defending his motherland from invaders. Furthermore, this definition of masculinity is basic for the present paper, as it is the starting point of the whole analysis.