You are a cashier at Walmart. You earn minimum wage. You recently turned 18 years old. You dropped out of high school in your senior year to help support your family. You live at home with your mother (who is a single parent), two siblings, your girlfriend, and your newborn child. You are feeling the financial strain of having to help support such a large family. While working one day, your girlfriend calls to remind you the baby needs diapers and formula. You do not have the cash to pay for the items. You decided to take 50 dollars from the cash register. Unbeknownst to you the loss prevention officer sees you take the money and place it your pocket. He has you on video. He approaches you at your station and asks you to follow him to his office. He confronts you with the video. You immediately confess and give him back the money you took. He states that he has to call the police and file charges because it is company policy. The police arrest you and charge you with misdemeanor theft.
In examining the research on deterrence, what is the most effective element of deterrence from the perspective of the