You are a Marketing Manager, seeing a profit issue that can impact the business, you write a memo communicating with the company’s executives in a 300-400 words memo.
State the problem (15 points). Begin your memo with a statement of the main profit issue. Your problem statement should not be an exhaustive list of everything that is wrong. Rather, it should be the central issues around which all else are organized.
Analyze the problem (15 points). This is where you identify relevant facts from the case and apply a conceptual model to diagnose the problem. Analyze the problem you identified (and not some other problem). Organize the facts into a coherent whole as if you were presenting evidence to persuade a skeptic. Clearly state any assumptions that you’ve made. Provide evidence from the case to support your analysis: use quotes, numbers, and facts from the case or other sources. Analyze the problem using a conceptual model from the readings or lectures. Apply the conceptual model fully and explicitly. Cite your sources.