You are given a black-box device with two output terminals. You areasked to characterize the behavior of this device, so you proceed to measure an I-V curve for the circuit. You measure the following two (I,V) points: (2.0Ib , Vb) and (Ib,5.0Vb) a.) sketch the Thevenin and Norton equivalent circuits for the black box. b.) Accurately sketch the I-V curve for the black box. Be sure to carefully label your plot. c.) From your graph, determine the Thevenin voltage, Vth , the Thevenin resistance, Rth, the Norton current, In and the Norton resistance, Rn, for your black box. Express your answer in terms of Vb, and Ib. d.) A load resistance of value Rl =Rth (equal to the Thevenin resistance) is connected across the output terminals of your black box. In terms of Vth and In, what is the voltage across Rl and the current through Rl?

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