You are required to make a post to the course online discussion forum. The posts will be graded on a 25-point scale. (25 (A), 13 (C), or 0 (F)). You will receive the full 25 points for answering the questions completely in depth and creatively, you will receive 13 points for partially answering the questions, scarcely, and not critically and you will receive 0 points for not answering the questions at all or not putting forth any effort. Each post should do the following:
Find & Post (or post a link to) something of business communication (photo, short video, brief piece of writing, song, etc — that no one else in class has posted to the blog yet) and that meets the topics discussed for that week.
Analyze the object according to requirements for the week. ( 1.Identify what characteristics constitute an effective team. 2.Discuss the importance of effective teams in the workforce. 3.Identify and correctly use grammar structures and word forms.)