Writing Errands

Your small but prestigious financial services firm has a web page that increasingly gets traffic and now you, the com-munications director, want to convince upper management to branch out to Facebook and Twitter pages. But several of the senior partners think that social networking sites are too trendy and informal and don’t accurately reflect the firm’s conservative culture. They would prefer that most com-munication with clients happens by phone, letter, or face to face, and though they are comfortable with e-mail, feel that it is best left for internal communication. You know that convincing the senior partners to adopt more modern strategies will be tough, but you also know the firm stands to lose its competitive edge in a rapidly changing world if they don’t. As your instructor directs, a. Identify the person or persons in the firm who might help you establish credibility on technical matters. What addi-tional resources might help you to establish a claim that social networking will help the firm? What information might you collect that can further bolster your claims?

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